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Consulting Services

Combination of extensive experience and unparalleled technical capability, our IT Consultants will make sure you get your IT goal and target. Our IT Consulting Services can help you built innovative solutions that are cost-effective and scalable with an emphasis on performance, agility and usability.

Virtualization Solutions

The benefits of virtualization are usually primarily cost savings. For many companies, the largest benefit of server virtualization, which allows multiple operating systems to be installed on a single server, is in reducing the amount of hardware that is required to run all the software needed by the business. We have done many Physical to Virtual migrations and guide clients to the cloud.

Wireless Solutions

Secure, robust wireless networks.

Wireless Solutions from ELC touches all aspects of wireless from site survey and assessment to final implementation. This means the solution has been mapped and tested for accuracy prior to integration in your environment. 

By having a secure wireless in your business can increase worker productivity by enabling access to many locations via a secure wireless infrastructure. This allows workers to move about, conducting business especially flex work space, while maintaining essential contact to network data and communications, this feature is a must in the era of smart phones, tablet devices and laptops.

Website Development

ELC has created websites for many types of businesses. We like to sit down and talk to clients and see how they envision their website then we bring their thoughts and ideas to life. We have done various projects which showcase PHP / MySQL / AJAX talents from e-commerce to a very simple website we do it all. We are experts on content management sites. agility and usability.

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